Example Question #1 | Treasurer Test

How is your Treasury knowledge? Today we investigate your Treasury Expertise and ask you an example question that you might face when taking the Treasurer Test


What type of risk can better not be mitigated with a hedge program?

A. Currency risk

B. Commodity risk

C. Credit risk

D. Interest risk

Do you know the right answer? Leave a comment on the LinkedIn post, and tomorrow we’ll tell you what the right answer was!

About the Treasurer Test

In 2017 we created the Treasurer Test. The idea for the creation of this originated from two important observations. First, in most labor markets there is no recognized qualification in treasury like CPA or CFA in other finance positions. Second, most companies do not employ many in treasury and they do not have the expertise to screen potential treasury staff. So how do you know your candidate brings what you are looking for? Results of the online assessment are presented not as absolutes but as a comparison of those of treasury professionals with a similar length being employed.


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