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A deeper dive into the Treasurer Test Technical Knowledge part

| 19-07-2019 | by Kendra Keydeniers | Different from the multiple choice questions in the Big5 Personality Profile assessment, a number of treasury technical questions require you to make calculations. Furthermore, there is a time pressure component: there are more questions than you will be able to answer within the limited time. You will have […]

6 reasons why we use Big5 for the personality profile test

| 12-07-2019 | by Kendra Keydeniers | Since the start of the development of the Treasurer Test we were convinced that including a personality assessment would bring added value. In a previous blog we describe why there are many well-known and documented typologies and standards for personality testing in the market. Without describing others in […]

Treasurer Test: The first results analysis and observations

| 14-06-2019 | by Kendra Keydeniers | Do people with many years of treasury experience have more relevant knowledge than those with less experience? Are treasurers introvert people? Are detail-oriented treasurers more knowledgeable? Recently 100 test candidates completed the Treasurer Test, 75 of them working as corporate treasurers, 25 are working in positions related to […]

What is this Treasurer Test that we will launch shortly?

| 20-09-2018 | The Treasurer Test is mainly created to give treasurers, their current and future employers and recruiters insight into the skills and personality of the treasurer. To achieve the foregoing, the test consists of two main parts. Treasury technical knowledge In this section the treasury knowledge level of the testee is tested. The […]