How to Use the Treasurer Test in Your Recruitment Process

Imagine having a valuable tool like the Treasurer Test at your disposal during the recruitment process. It can significantly enhance your approach and make it more efficient and effective. Here are three practical ways to leverage the Treasurer Test in your recruitment process:


The Treasurer Test allows you to quickly assess candidates and identify those who possess the necessary technical skills and personality traits for the treasury position. This helps coordinate your candidate pool, saving you time and allowing you to focus your efforts on the most promising applicants.


Armed with the insights from the Treasurer Test, you can conduct more informed interviews. Use the test results to structure your interview questions, probing candidates about their strengths and weaknesses in areas highlighted by the test. This approach helps you gain a better understanding of their capabilities and make well-informed hiring decisions.


When it’s time to make your selection, the Treasurer Test results can be a valuable resource. Compare candidates based on their technical skills and personality traits, allowing you to identify the candidate who best aligns with both the team and the role.


The Treasurer Test is a valuable tool for recruiters who are looking to identify and hire the best candidates for their treasury vacancies. Finding the right candidate for your treasury position is a practical way.

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Wout van Wijlick, Manager of the Treasurer Test

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