Minor Treasury Management Hogeschool Utrecht will take the Treasurer Test

Recently, Wout van Wijlick of treasuryXL and Pieter de Kiewit of Treasurer Search traveled to Utrecht to visit the students of the Hogeschool Utrecht who are educated under the guidance of Frans Boumans. Goals were to combine a class about the treasury labour market with a, we think, very interesting experiment with the Treasurer Test. It turned out to be a great interactive session with this enthused group of students!

Guest Lecture Minor Treasury Management

The Hogeschool Utrecht teaches the Minor Treasury Management to BSc students with a focus on relevant focus like business economics, accounting or law. Students in this minor consist of Dutch students as well as internationals. During this minor, they are prepared for a career as a treasurer in a corporate or financial services environment.


Already a number of years, Pieter teaches a class of about an hour with two topics on treasury. First, he focuses on the reality beyond the theory about treasury in organisations. He likes to share his enthusiasm about the position, who thrives and who does not. By doing this he attempts to give the students a sense of how great the position is, and would it be something for them?

After the first part, Pieter shifts his focus entering the labour market. When you desire a career in treasury, what do you have to do to land the best position? This is all about defining the ideal and planning the path how to get there.




Hogeschool Utrecht & Treasurer Test



As you may know, in a collaboration of many, of which treasuryXL, Hogeschool Utrecht and Treasurer Search are just three, the Treasurer Test was created. The Treasurer Test is an online assessment that enables candidates to give clarity on their treasury skills & knowledge, as well as on their personality profile. After finishing the Test, the candidate receives a report in which the results are presented as a peer comparison. One of the peer groups is “candidates with no treasury experience”, which the students are in this case.




Treasurer Test for Students

For this occasion, we devised the plan to invite students from the Treasury Management minor to make the Treasurer Test. How did we do this?

The group of +- 40 students was split into two, with the Dutch-speaking and English-speaking students randomly mixed. One group was invited to complete the Test at the beginning of the minor, the other group at the end of the minor.

Wat will we potentially discover?

It will be interesting to see if students at the end of the minor score higher on Treasury knowledge than students who took the Test at the beginning. One would assume this is the case. Furthermore, we will see if there is a difference between Dutch-speaking Test makers and English-speaking Test makers. Are students who come to The Netherlands more talented and/or hard working?


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