For what audience is the Treasurer Test developed?

The development of the Treasurer Test stems from the idea that it can be very useful for in particular three audiences:

  1. Treasurers; you work already in treasury, but want to improve some of your treasury skills to move up
  2. Education; you are a student/career switcher and want to become a treasurer
  3. Recruitment; you are a recruiter but not familiar with the treasury discipline

Their goals might overlap, but there are some differences. In this blog, we will elaborate.



It might sound strange, taking the Treasurer Test while already being a treasurer. However, it can be useful in many situations. First, it provides you the opportunity to show your hiring manager that you are fully capable and have the right personality for the position you want to step into. Secondly, it helps you plan your career. The extensive result report will show your treasury knowledge gaps and personality, helping you understand what type of education and coaching you should take. Third and last, it is also useful for the treasury team. Since you want to be ready and prepared for the future of your organisation, you want to know the current status of the team in order to build a development plan with a focus both on skills as well as on personalities.




Aspiring treasurers might have the aforementioned goals and some extra. They might not have done the job, but know a lot and want to prove this. Automatically, the Test will show where development might be started best and if the potential is enough to pick up the position. Taking the Test will also lead to insight into what the job is about. It is not intended but might lead to a candidate treasurer steering his career in another direction. Finally, we are talking with educators to deploy the test at the start and at the end of a program in order to objectively measure the progress of students.




In finding staff or helping them in development, HR, recruiters and educators will play an important role. It is not to be expected that these specialists benefit from taking the Test. However, they should know about the Big5 typology and understand how the Test measurers skills.
On the other hand, CFOs, CFO team members, auditors, bankers and other financial specialist and their organisations will benefit from them taking the Test. Many of them consider themselves (unjust) knowledgeable in corporate treasury. Insight into their actual knowledge level is a good starting point. If the non-treasurer knows a lot and can prove this with the Test results, treasury specialists will better accept input. If not, the non-treasurer will better appreciate the expertise of the specialist and put treasury higher on the priority list.

Interested whether the Treasurer Test can be of value to you? Feel free to contact us!


How to prepare for the Treasurer Test

In preparation for the Treasurer Test, we recommend making the test in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed. There are more questions than you can answer in the time that’s available. If you don’t know the answer to a question, move on to the next. The Treasurer Test measures knowledge, speed, productivity and accuracy.

Summary how to prepare in advance of the Treasurer Test

  • Take the test in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed, as the Treasurer Test is intensive.
  • Make sure you have a scientific calculator, pen and paper at hand to take notes. Complex calculations have to be made.
  • Know that you have to finish the Technical Treasury Knowledge part in one time. Same counts for the Personality Profile part. However, you can take a rest between these two different test parts.
  • Move on to the next question when you don’t know the answer. You have limited time for the Technical Knowledge part.
  • Take a look at some Sample Questions & Tips, and at the Sample Report, so you understand what to expect.


Team Treasurer Test

Wout van Wijlick, Manager of the Treasurer Test