The Treasurer Test in action: A quick Q&A with one of our recent candidates

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we reveal the inspiring journey of a treasurer who decided to take on the challenge of the Treasurer Test. Wout van Wijlick, Manager of the Treasurer Test, went through with the candidate what motivated this person to embark on this journey and what they hoped to achieve with this venture. 

We also discuss the obstacles the candidate encountered along the way and the strategies used to overcome them, giving you valuable insights and tips on how to overcome challenges yourself. So, get ready for an exciting Q&A session!

Could you share with us your motivation for taking the Treasurer Test and what you aim to achieve from it?

As a certified Treasury Professional, I recognize the significance of staying current with the constantly evolving treasury industry. Therefore, when I went through a period of unemployment and felt my expertise beginning to wane, I made the decision to take the Treasurer Test as a means of upgrading and improving my skills.

What particular skills or knowledge were you aiming to acquire through the Treasurer Test?

I expressed my desire to acquire fresh knowledge that was previously unknown to me. Additionally, I aimed to broaden my understanding of treasury and its related inquiries through the Treasurer Test, hoping to gain new ways and perspectives of approaching such questions. I have continued to expand my knowledge and refine my skills in these areas, continually seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth.

What did you think of the Treasurer Test overall, and did it meet your expectations?

The Treasurer Test questions provided me with a wealth of useful and valuable information, but the limited time to complete the questions posed a significant challenge. Despite my best efforts, I found myself forced to answer many questions without taking sufficient time to fully consider and reflect on them. Consequently, I feel that I may not have done justice to my own abilities or fully demonstrated my knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Moving forward, I would recommend that the time allotted for such assessments be extended, in order to allow test-takers like myself to more thoroughly engage with and respond to the questions posed. This would not only help to ensure more accurate and comprehensive assessments, but also foster a more positive and constructive testing experience for everyone involved.

How did you find the difficulty level of the Treasurer Test, and were the questions relevant to your work as a corporate treasurer?

As a corporate treasurer, I found the Treasurer Test to be challenging primarily because of the limited time available to complete it. Due to time constraints, I had to rush through the questions and did not have sufficient time to carefully read and analyze each one. This approach led me to choose the first answer that came to mind without fully understanding the question or considering other potential solutions.

Upon reflection, I believe that the Treasurer Test was relevant to my work as a corporate treasurer. The questions covered a range of topics related to financial management, including risk assessment, financial modeling, and investment analysis. These are all areas that are critical to the work of a corporate treasurer and require a high level of expertise.

However, I do feel that the Treasurer Test could have been designed to better reflect the practical challenges that corporate treasurers face in their daily work. For example, the Treasurer Test focused heavily on mathematical calculations and formulaic solutions, whereas in real life, treasurers often have to make decisions based on incomplete or uncertain information.

Overall, while I found the Treasurer Test to be challenging, I believe that it was relevant to my work and I appreciate the opportunity to have taken it. Moving forward, I plan to use the experience to identify areas where I need to improve my skills and knowledge, and to develop strategies to better manage my time when facing similar challenges in the future.

What did you learn about your treasury skills or knowledge from the assessment, and did you identify any areas for improvement?

The assessment helped me identify areas where I excel and areas for improvement as a treasury professional. Technical skills, such as financial knowledge and compliance, and soft skills, such as communication and leadership, are essential. Addressing areas for improvement can lead to ongoing professional development and career growth.

How do you plan to use the results of the assessment to further your career as a corporate treasurer, and would you recommend the Treasurer Test to others in your field?

As a corporate treasurer, I plan to use the results of the assessment to identify areas of improvement in my knowledge and skills. I will develop a personalized learning plan and set measurable goals for my career growth. I highly recommend the Treasurer Test to anyone interested in pursuing a career in treasury or seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in this field. It is a valuable tool for career development and can help individuals benchmark their knowledge and skills against industry standards, so I would definitely recommend it to others.

How was your experience using Career Calibration with Pieter de Kiewit from our partner Treasurer Search?

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to take the Treasurer Test and receive advice. I must express my gratitude to Pieter for conducting an exemplary interview. Our conversation was incredibly fruitful, and his guidance has proven invaluable to my professional development. I am particularly thankful for his insights on my results and career trajectory. Pieter’s courteous demeanor and active listening made for a highly effective and enjoyable interaction. Once again, thanks to Pieter for his exceptional mentorship.


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Wout van Wijlick, Manager of the Treasurer Test

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