Launch of the Treasurer Test 2.0, the new version of the assessment tool for Corporate Treasurers

treasuryXL announces the launch of the Treasurer Test 2.0, the new version of the assessment tool for Corporate Treasurers.

VENLO, The Netherlands, February 08, 2022 – treasuryXL, the community platform for everyone who is professionally active in the world of treasury, announces the new version of the Treasurer Test is live. This tool is for measuring the technical knowledge in treasury and the personality profile of the test candidate.


For whom has the Treasurer Test 2.0 been developed?


The 3 most obvious reasons why organisations and candidates use the Treasurer Test are:

  • Most recruiters are not familiar with the treasury discipline. The results of the Treasurer Test will give them a transparent and objective overview of the technical treasury skills and the personality profile of the candidate.
  • With the support of the Treasurer Test, treasurers can visualize their skills and personality in comparison with their peer group.
  • The Treasurer Test can be useful for Students, Young Professionals and Career switchers who want to become treasurers and want to know in which education program they should invest.

Over the past years, the Treasurer Test has been evaluated in order to see whether adjustments were necessary. We asked previous candidates about their experiences, and have a mathematician analyze the data based upon which we could choose and manage further investments.


What were the main findings from this analysis to improve our tool?


  • Several treasury questions were considered too hard and too academic, and thus often not answered right.
  • Some questions were considered too local (Dutch, Western Europe).
  • Some subtopics in corporate treasury were covered too thoroughly, others insufficient.

What did we do with these findings?


We invited experts in treasury from all over the world to send in one or two questions. These questions were screened and edited by a team with academic and industrial expertise:

  • Francois Masquelier, CEO Simply Treasury, Chairman of Luxembourg Corporate Treasury Association ATEL, Vice-Chairman of EACT
  • Maximo Santos Miranda Ph.D., Treasurer/ University Professor/ Regular contributor to financial Magazines/ Speaker
  • Frans Boumans, Lecturer in Finance at the VU University Amsterdam & Lecturer at the Hogeschool Utrecht
  • Konstantin Khorev, CFA, Ph.D., Global Treasurer

Together, we shaped and molded a more balanced questionnaire for candidates of the Treasurer Test. Upon their approval, the new questionnaire and mathematically adjusted benchmark were implemented.


Interested whether the Treasurer Test can be of value to you? Feel free to contact us!


About treasuryXL

treasuryXL started in 2016 as a community platform for everyone who is professionally active in the world of treasury. Their extensive and highly qualified network consists of experienced and aspiring treasurers. treasuryXL keeps its network updated with daily news, events and the latest treasury vacancies.

treasuryXL brings the treasury function to a higher level, both for the inner circle: corporate treasurers, bankers & consultants, as well as others that might benefit: CFO’s, business owners, other people from the CFO Team and educators.


About the Treasurer Test

In 2017 we created the Treasurer Test. The idea for the creation of this originated from two important observations. First, in most labor markets there is no recognized qualification in treasury like CPA or CFA in other finance positions. Second, most companies do not employ many in treasury and they do not have the expertise to screen potential treasury staff. So how do you know your candidate brings what you are looking for? Results of the online assessment are presented not as absolutes but as a comparison of those of treasury professionals with a similar length being employed.


On behalf of the project team Treasurer Test.




Wout van Wijlick

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