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The most challenging part of the Treasurer Test for the students

The students of the Treasury Management minor program at Hogeschool Utrecht recently took the Treasurer Test for the first time and it was a challenging experience for the fourth-year HBO students. The results showed that there was one part of the Treasurer Test that students struggled with the most. Recently, via a poll, we asked […]

Students at Hogeschool Utrecht have completed project Treasurer Test

For the first time, students of the Treasury Management minor at Hogeschool Utrecht completed the Treasurer Test. For the fourth-year HBO students, this proved no easy task. For treasuryXL and its ambassador Pieter de Kiewit and marketing coordinator Wout van Wijlick, this was as much an experiment as it was for the Institute of Finance […]

Minor Treasury Management Hogeschool Utrecht will take the Treasurer Test

Recently, Wout van Wijlick of treasuryXL and Pieter de Kiewit of Treasurer Search traveled to Utrecht to visit the students of the Hogeschool Utrecht who are educated under the guidance of Frans Boumans. Goals were to combine a class about the treasury labour market with a, we think, very interesting experiment with the Treasurer Test. […]

What Personality Traits do Treasurers Have?

What personality traits should make a good treasurer? The results of the Treasurer Test help to better understand a candidate’s natural predisposition to specific personality traits. Editor of the Treasurer Test, Máximo Santos Miranda, gives us his take on what the most important personality traits are that treasurers should have.

In Search of Treasurer Excellence

Is there an ideal skillset and personality of a treasurer? Can we see common denominators among the treasury population? What is in the handbook “finding a treasurer”? Pieter de Kiewit and team Treasurer Search speak about this all the time, as their clients ask about this but also because it is part of the essence […]

Treasury Career Service – Find new possibilities in your Treasury Career!

After marriage, children, and buying a home, career decisions are the most important for many of us. An increasing number of people want to create conscious career directions for themselves. On their initiative or of their employers. Adriana Ciuche, certified Treasury coach and treasuryXL, house of the Treasurer Test, found each other in the “Treasury […]

Objectifying and Clarifying the Treasury Match

Treasurer Search, a partner of the Treasurer Test, noticed an increased number of candidates taking the Test. In this blog, Pieter de Kiewit tells us two examples where the Treasurer Test helps them with recruitment processes.  

Career Calibration and the Treasurer Test

Contributor to the Treasurer Test, Pieter de Kiewit (Founder & Owner of Treasurer Search), explains in this article how the Treasurer Test adds value to a usual calibration meeting.

Example Question #1 | Treasurer Test

How is your Treasury knowledge? Today we investigate your Treasury Expertise and ask you an example question that you might face when taking the Treasurer Test…