Welcome to the new Treasurer Test website

The Treasurer Test has been tested successfully by four different peer groups with each different treasury knowledge and experience. Finishing this test period with the peer members was a huge milestone for everyone who has been working on the Treasurer Test. By achieving this milestone we could take the next important steps in the Treasurer Test process:

  • Analysing the Treasurer Test results in each peer group, compared with peer group members from the same and different peer groups
  • Analysing the questions in both the Treasury Technical Knowledge part and the Personality Profile part
  • Receiving feedback from peer group members, scientists and industry experts
  • Translating input into improvement of the Treasurer Test and the Result Report

The last months during the ‘summer period’ we have been working on these next steps which resulted in a restyled Treasurer Test. We are very proud to launch our new:

  • Candidate Result Report
  • Website
  • Logo

The Changes

Candidate Result Report
We made a huge improvement with the Treasurer Test Result Report. Besides the restyling in the layout of the report, we improved the results display in the Treasury Technical Knowledge part. We received feedback on how the displays with the semi circles were presented with statistical and analytical data. The candidates were sometimes confused in how they actually made the Treasurer Test. Was it good, ok or bad? We have cleared this up and the results display now presents a clear overview of the Treasury Technical Knowledge of the candidate with a stronger comparison component.

DOWNLOAD  the Treasurer Test dummy report.

Are you one of our highly valued peer members? You can now download your enhanced report in your Treasurer Test account. If you need any help, contact us.

The Treasurer Test has been uncoupled from the treasuryXL.com website, treasurertest.com is officially launched. The reason behind this is that Treasurer Test is an exclusive assessment product brand that has been grown and has its own identity. Where treasuryXL is expanding with the Dutch market as a basis, the Treasurer Test has been designed to serve the global market from the start.

New colors, new style and of course a new logo. The new Treasurer Test logo is developed with the idea that it needed more class now the Treasurer Test has been improved.  A logo redesign was a matter of course.

We are very happy and proud on our redesign and now truly confirm what is indicated on our new homepage: “ Measure the technical knowledge in treasury and the personality of the candidate “.
Of course we will keep on developing and innovating and are open for feedback anytime.

TreasurerTest.com is live, for you, for your recruitment, your career advancement.

On behalf of Team Treasurer Test,

Kendra Keydeniers
Partner Manager